New paper on the challenges in connecting reading science and educational practice

LCNL researchers Mark Seidenberg and Matt Cooper Borkenhagen along with Devin Kearns at UConn have a new paper, titled, “Lost in Translation? Challenges in Connecting Reading Science and Educational Practice”. In the paper they ask how much of what we’ve learned from the “science of reading” is useful to teachers? Abstract Can the…

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Explaining our science to kids

Are you looking for a fun way to incorporate science into homeschooling your children during this pandemic? If so, here’s a suggestion: LCNL researchers Charles Rojas, Elise Hopman, and Maryellen MacDonald published an article today explaining their language learning research to kids. Their article, “How can you get better at learning…

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PhD student Mark Koranda’s outreach project Skilled Reflection at UW-Madison

LCNL student Mark Koranda created a student organization, “Skilled Reflection,” designed to use language and writing as a tool for self-exploration and reflection. Mark designs meetings with concrete, grounded writing prompts, encouraging members to use real-time quiet journaling. The purpose is ultimately to help students find answers to questions about…

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LCNL and collaborators at Psychonomics “Plan Reuse in Motor and Language Production”

LCNL and collaborators from Penn State’s Language and Cognition Lab will present “Plan Reuse in Motor and Language Production” at the 60th annual meeting of the Psychonomic Society in Montreal on Thursday, November 14, 2019. Authors: Amy L. Lebkuecher, Pennsylvania State University, Natalie Schwob, Pennsylvania State University, Misty Kabasa and…

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Cassandra Jacobs to present at Psychonomics: MathPsych Pre-Conference Nov 14

LCNL postdoctoral researcher Cassandra Jacobs will present at the 60th annual meeting of the Psychononic Society in Montreal. Her talk is “The Lexical Context Model: A continuous bag of words model of semantic and episodic memory”. It will be part of the Psychonomic Society Pre-Conference, Current Trends in Mathematical Psychology.…

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Mark Seidenberg gives keynote talk at MIT’s Science of Reading symposium [video]: “The Science and Politics of Learning to Read”

Mark Seidenberg gave a keynote address for the Science of Reading symposium at MIT on June 04, 2019.

From the event website: “MIT Integrated Learning Initiative (MITili) and the McGovern Institute for Brain Research at MIT co-hosting a symposium on literacy and research science to start a meaningful conversation about the achievement gap in reading, and what we can learn from emerging research on how children learn to read. By convening experts in education and neuroscience, we hope to determine new paths toward ensuring students are not only learning to read, but taught to read through more effective, rigorously researched methods.”
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