Congratulations LCNL graduates!

Congratulations! to our 6 graduating RAs: Teresa Turco, Maya Salmon, Jocelyn Marks, Nate Jones, Madison Barker,  and Alma Reinebach! LCNL thanks you for your hard work and wishes you the best in future endeavors!

Teresa Turco will be traveling this summer to Ghent, Belgium, to present her senior thesis at the Psycholinguistics in Flanders (PiF 2018) conference. After that she begin her Master’s training in Behavioral Economy in the Netherlands on a Fulbright scholarship.

Maya Salmon will spend the summer in Madison, then she’ll move to Austin, Texas to pursue her MA in Speech Language Pathology at UT Austin.

Jocelyn Marks will begin her Masters Degree training in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at the University of Wisconsin, Whitewater this summer.

Nathan Jones will wrap up his research work with LCNL and plans to pursue his Master’s degree abroad in studies related to the fields of Neurobiology and Linguistics.

Madison Barker will work on a continuation of research related to her senior thesis over the summer with Professor Seidenberg and Matt Cooper-Borkenhagen.

Alma Reinebach will work with LCNL this summer and plans to pursue a position as an academic research lab manager.



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