invited talk at CoCoDev seminar about production versus comprehension

LCNL researcher Elise Hopman will give a talk at Dr. Abdellah Fourtassi‘s Computational Communication & Development team seminar on November 5th, 2021 at 4 pm CET / 9 am CST. Anyone is welcome to join via zoom (send an email to for the zoom link), and video & slides will be made available on the CoCoDev website afterwards.

Title: Production practice is more effective than comprehension for second language learning.

Abstract: Whereas most classroom-based language instruction traditionally emphasizes comprehension-based learning, memory research suggests that language production activities may provide a stronger learning experience than comprehension practice, due to the meaningfully different task demands involved in producing versus comprehending language. Using both artificial and natural language learning experiments with adults, I show that production exercises are more effective than comprehension exercises for learning the vocabulary and grammar of a foreign language. I will discuss these findings in the broader context of research implying that production and production-like activities might play a privileged role during learning more generally.

Update (11-05-2021): A video recording of the talk is available to watch here.

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