LCNL research at CogSci 2018 in Madison

CogSci 2018 was hosted here at University of Wisconsin-Madison July 25th-28th, and our lab presented multiple posters and talks at the conference.


“Word Frequency Can Affect What You Choose to Say” – by Mark Koranda, Martin Zettersten, and Maryellen MacDonald (6 page conference paper)

“Predictors of L2 word learning accuracy: A big data investigation” – by Elise Hopman, Bill Thompson, Joe Austerweil and Gary Lupyan (6 page conference paper, OSF archive with slides, data and scripts)


“Language production: Shaped by phonological interference and motor interference” – by Steve SchweringMaryellen MacDonald and Tom Wasow

“Skilled readers activate the meaning of phonetic cues in Chinese” – by Tianlin Wang, Matt Cooper Borkenhagen and Mark Seidenberg (poster PDF)

“Learning to read with a machine teacher: Discovering efficient procedures for training the orth-to-phon relationships in English” – by Chris Cox, Matt Cooper Borkenhagen and Mark Seidenberg (poster PDF)

“Possible mechanisms of bilingual advantage on creativity” – by Kendra Lange, Elise Hopman, Elizabeth Pettit, Anantha Rao, Nicole Beckage, Jeff Zemla and Joe Austerweil (Member Abstract & Poster)

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