LCNL will be at CUNY in Boulder next week

LCNL will be at the CUNY 2019 human sentence processing conference in Boulder, Colorado next week to present several projects. If you’re visiting the conference and you are interested in applying for the post-doc position in our lab that professor Maryellen MacDonald is advertising right now, feel free reach out to her beforehand to talk in person about the position at the conference.


Saturday, talk session 7, 5:05 – 5:30pm:
Lexical Selection by Competition in Word Production: Evidence from New Paradigms – Mark Koranda and Maryellen MacDonald


Saturday, poster session B, 8:15-10 am, east & west end rooms, poster B41:
Production training benefits both comprehension and production of grammatical gender agreement in L2 German – Valérie Keppenne, Elise W. M. Hopman and Carrie N. Jackson (poster pdf here)

Sunday, poster session D, 12:05-2 pm, east & west end rooms, poster D27:
Do individual differences in fiction reading predict emotion recognition? – Steven Schwering, Natalie Ghaffari-Nikou, Paula Niedenthal and Maryellen MacDonald

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