This set of studies is aimed at investigating aspects of the structure of language input (orthographic, phonological, and semantic) that contribute to differential developmental outcomes in language and reading. This is a collaboration with Chris Cox (former lab member, faculty member at LSU), and Tim Rogers (faculty here at UW).

This project has many components. There is an education-facing aspect of the project where we are analyzing real reading curricula, and a purely computational set of modeling exercises. This page has information for all the sub-projects associated with our work on curriculum analyses and modeling.

Status updates

For status updates to workflow on curriculum modeling see the wiki page relevant to the specific project you are interested in. For example, if you are interested in unordered candide, see the wiki page for unordered candide.


  • The protocol for how to code and transcribe curricula can be found here
  • This file outlines the different tasks that we will target in our transcriptions
  • Google Drive for the team (if you need permission contact Lauren or Matt)
  • Box drive with educational curricular materials (let us know if you need permission)
  • GitHub
    • candide_unordered repo
      • Here is the wiki for status updates on this work.
    • OrthPhon parent repository. This is the original GitHub repo for the project. We are migrating to different repos for subproject – changes will be ongoing.
      • OrthPhon Wiki within our GitHub repo.
      • The older companion work in dialect modeling can be found here


Communication & Other Resources

  • General access information (copy code, key details, etc) can be found here: LCNL access information
  • Slack information:
    • LCNL Reading Team Slack: Note that this is a different Slack team than the primary lcnl Slack team.
    • For curriculum team, see channel “curriculum”

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