Opportunities for UW Undergraduate Students

Each year we recruit undergraduates who work as research assistants in the lab. Highly-motivated UW undergraduates with relevant background or skills are welcome to inquire. A commitment of at least two semesters is typically required. Some students (juniors, seniors) conduct research projects as part of the Hilldale Research Fellowships program.

Undergraduate research assistants who work in our labs take on a variety of tasks, depending on their interests and skills as well as the lab’s current needs. Our research involves both conducting experiments and developing computational models of human performance. Depending on the individual’s skills and interests, undergraduate research assistants can do any combination of the following: develop language materials for experiments, set up experiments on computers, schedule subjects for experiments, test subjects in experiments, organize and backup data on computers, enter data into computer records, transcribe speech from experiments, help to maintain the computer network, and develop as well as analyze computer simulations of reading and language processes.

We are not currently accepting undergraduate applications. Students who are interested in discussing our research could reach out to individual lab members directly.


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