Kidbook race (KBR)

This space is dedicated to the project on race and language in children’s books, a collaborative project with the Social Kids Lab. The aims, broadly, of the study are to examine aspects of representative samples of children’s books for salient language and visuals (illustrations) pertaining to race. The first study involves collecting two separate samples of children’s books, namely fiction (one set of top selling books and another set of top selling books with Black main/secondary characters), and analyze the corpora for relevant language dimensions (both common psycholinguistic dimensions as well as other data). See here for a more specific description about the related study being conducted in Social Kids Lab in the summer of 2019.


  • Mark Seidenberg, LCNL PI (
  • Kristin Shutts, SKL PI (
  • Katharine Scott, SKL graduate student (
  • Matt Cooper Borkenhagen, LCNL graduate student (
  • Rubi Jamison, LCNL research assistant (
  • Isley Jean-Pierre, SKL research assistant (
  • Ellen Converse, LCNL research assistant (
  • Tory, SKL researcher/manager (
  • Nicole Huth, SKL research assistant (
  • Samantha Zeid, SKL research assistant (
  • Nora Malone, SKL research assistant (


  • Slack communication for this project will be held on the Slack team called Book Collab (
    • Katharine Scott is the administrator of this team so contact her ( for access if needed.
  • Emails for other team members can be found above


  • Data notebooks for the project will be placed here once they come available.


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