Sinitic Child Texts


Welcome to the page dedicated to the Sinitic Child Texts (SCT) project at LCNL. The goal of this project is to develop child text corpora for the Mandarin language using child directed texts from the Mainland China and Taiwan.


Communication for this project is held on a Slack team separate from the main LCNL Slack team. The URL for that team is If you need access to the team contact Matt and he can add you. The major channel of communication for this project on that team is #mainland, but others will be relevant as well, too.

Research Team

  • Mark Seidenberg, UW-Madison (
  • Matt Cooper Borkenhagen, UW-Madison (
  • Tianlin Wang, Notre Dame/St. Mary’s (
  • Yaling Hsaio, Oxford (
  • Chenli Wang, UW-Madison (
  • Beixi Dong, UW-Madison (
  • Yifan Shi, UW-Madison (


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