WordPress How-Tos

Uploading Media

  1. Rename the file to be descriptive of its content or its purpose for the website.
    1. For publications, rename by copy/pasting the author/year/title of the APA citation.
  2. Go to the Dashboard, find and hover over Media in the side bar, and click Add New.
  3. Select the file(s) to upload.
  4. Once uploaded, edit the media file. An edit link will appear after you upload the media, and can also be found next to each item in the media library.
  5. Once in the edit screen, find the Media Categories box and check the appropriate category, if applicable.
  6. If a category doesn’t exist, and you there should be one, you can add a new category by hovering over Media, selecting Media Categories, and filing out the fields to create a new category.

*Tip: If you need to add media categories, rename, or add descriptions or captions to many files at once, go to the media library and view the media library files as tiles (vs. a list). If you click on an image, it will open a gallery view of the media files that allows you to edit these fields and easily page through files. This gallery view also appears when you click Add Media when editing or creating a new page for the site.

Creating a New Post: News and New Publications

  1. Hover over the Posts in the Dashboard side bar, and select Add New.
  2. Enter post title & content.
  3. Find the Categories box in and check the appropriate category.
    1. News items include announcements, new papers, and other posts that should be displayed in the News widget found on the right sidebar of the website or on the News blog page.
    2. Publications include items that should be displayed in the Recent Publications widget.
  4. In the Featured Image box, upload or select an image from the media library. This image will be displayed in the previews of the post on blog pages and widgets.

*Note: Categories are different than Tags. Checking categories helps sort and filter posts so you can select what posts appear in certain widgets and blog-post pages (ex: when you click the News widget title it takes you to a page of all News items).


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