Collaborator Julie Washington in The Atlantic, on Literacy and Dialect

Mark Seidenberg and Julie Washington at Tougaloo College February, 2018.

An LCNL collaborator, Professor Julie Washington, is featured in The Atlantic in the article Julie Washington’s Quest to Get Schools to Respect African-American English. The article discusses the importance of research on dialect and literacy. The author attended Washington’s recent plenary talk at NWAV46 at UW-Madison, where Professor Seidenberg introduced Washington.

LCNL collaborations:
Brown, M., Sibley, D., Washington, J., Rogers, T.T., Edwards, J.R., MacDonald, M.C., & Seidenberg. M.S. (2015). Impact of dialect use on a basic component of learning to read. Frontiers in Psychology, 6, 196.

Washington, J., Terry, N., & Seidenberg, M. (2013). Language Variation and Literacy Learning: The Case of African American English. In CA Stone., ER Silliman., BJ Ehren., & KA Apel. (Eds.), Handbook of language and literacy: Development and disorders, 2nd Edition (pp. 204-221). Guilford Press.


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