LCNL research at CogSci 2018 in Madison

CogSci 2018 will be hosted here at University of Wisconsin-Madison July 25th-28th, and we are delighted to report that our lab will present multiple posters and talks at the conference. Abstracts and information on which sessions our research will be part of will be posted here on our website closer to the conference date, so stay tuned!


“Word Frequency Can Affect What You Choose to Say” – by Mark Koranda, Martin Zettersten, and Maryellen MacDonald

“Predictors of L2 word learning accuracy: A big data investigation” – by Elise Hopman, Bill Thompson, Joe Austerweil and Gary Lupyan


“Language production: Shaped by phonological interference and motor interference” – by Steve SchweringMaryellen MacDonald and Tom Wasow

“Skilled readers activate the meaning of phonetic cues in Chinese” – by Tianlin Wang, Matt Cooper Borkenhagen and Mark Seidenberg

“Learning to read with a machine teacher: Discovering efficient procedures for training the orth-to-phon relationships in English” – by Chris Cox, Matt Cooper Borkenhagen and Mark Seidenberg

“Possible mechanisms of bilingual advantage on creativity” – by Kendra Lange, Elise Hopman, Elizabeth Pettit, Anantha Rao, Nicole Beckage, Jeff Zemla and Joe Austerweil

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